Free Radicals: A Comprehensive Bibliography



A Comprehensive Bibliography

CJ Hinke

PDF: CO-Bibliography.pdf

(Editor’s note.) Due to limitations of space, we are not able to include the references which helped t create Free Radicals: War Resisters in Prison. As an alternative, the complete bibliography, the most comprehensive in its field is available as a separate publication which may be ordered from TrineDay here:

and as an online reference for research and download here:

The bibliography attempts to provide activists, peace movement strategists, the general reader, academic researchers and scholars with useful references to conscientious objectors and political prisoners throughout the world.

Books have always been seen as dangerous to those in power and subject to book-burnings and book-bannings. Authors, to this day, continue to be charged with treason, sedition, disloyalty, and espionage with sentences of decades or even execution. Such dangerous books of historical precedent, philosophy, strategy, and activism are an invaluable resource for opposition to war.

COs and military resisters should certainly find in this body of work inspiration in making their decisions and strengthening their resolve. You’re not the first and you’re not alone. It is hoped that readers of this book will not let their interest end here, but go on to access the vast literature in related fields which is available thanks to the Internet.

Some of these books were published before the advent of International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) in 1965; an author and title search should be sufficient. Nearly all of them may be available via inter-library loan or secondhand via online booksellers and antiquarians.

This bibliography is a collective work based on the suggestions of contributors and friends of this volume, as well as this editor’s research in the files of the New York Public Library; the Swarthmore College Peace Collection; the archives of the New York Civil Liberties Union; and the Library of Congress.

We welcome your input! Please let us know of more recent books and articles as well as those we’ve missed which deserve to be included. A good bibliography should be a collaboration.

Special thanks is due to John Phillips and the Prisoners Information and Support Service (P.I.S.S); Jim Peck and the War Resisters League; Gene Keyes; Robert and Marjorie Swann and the New England Committee for Nonviolent Action; and Dr. Herbert Aptheker of the American Institute for Marxist Studies. Ω)

Historical background

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[Editor’s Note. We are fortunate in having historical scholarship of such pacifists, none as prolific as Peter Brock (1920-2006). Dr. Brock was a Guernsey-born University of Toronto historian who came from a military family. He was introduced to pacifism at Oxford and was imprisoned as a conscientious objector in World War II. He walked the walk and his scholarship is most fascinating to anyone contemplating a life of resistance.]

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